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Our Mission

The SOS mission is to provide the best quality performance socks on the market, period. We don't believe that simply because a sock is technical means that it can't be colorful, expressive, or durable. We strive to make socks that are just as rugged and beautiful as the mountains around us in Colorado. We believe that we can do all of that at a reasonable cost to the consumer and by caring for the environment along the way.

About Us

Save Our Soles was founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado by Steve Tofan. A long-time sales rep in the cycling world, Steve was inspired by the need for a technical cycling sock with exciting designs. When his second child, Noah, was born, he knew that it was time to get off the road and start his sock company.

The early path was not easy; almost every knitting mill in the United States is on the east coast. Conventional wisdom said that the high altitude in Colorado would affect the knitting process, so SOS Socks began by outsourcing to the mills back east. Not being anywhere near the knitting process was a problem for Steve, though -- it didn't allow him to experiment easily to make a better sock, and it certainly didn't allow for much quality control of the socks being made. In 2005, Steve invested in his first Italian knitting machine and began producing the socks himself at a small facility in Denver. Three years later, the word on the quality of SOS Socks was out. The company outgrew that small space and moved its headquarters to nearby Westminster, where it remains today.

SOS has continued to grow and expand to make the best socks on the market for all the activities of the mountain athlete and beyond. It now produces socks specifically tailored to not only cycling, but running, hiking, triathlon, and skiing, and our custom program reaches athletes of all disciplines. Steve's kids, Hannah and Noah, each design a new sock every year for the company. Fast Forward to 2015 and Save Our Soles has expanded yet again. With several requests and inquiries about other products, Save Our Soles finally announced the much awaited line of cycling clothing; TRU-KITS! The introduction at the Interbike trade-show in Las Vegas, NV proved that the line had much interest and potential. The new line is designed in Colorado at the same facility as the socks but is produced in Europe, with quality materials from Switzerland and Italy. SOS is proud to now offer products from head to TOE!

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