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2016 Custom Clothing Program

TRU-KITS is proud to offer teams, clubs, events and stores the complete cycling kit. From lightweight jerseys to full winter gear, TRU-KITS has it all. Materials from Europe yield the finest quality that you can see and feel and the customization of the kits allows for a sleek, professional look.

Getting Started

To begin, you choose the style and pieces you want, which can be mixed and matched so long as minimums are met. TRU-KITS offers the choice of Club, Sport, Pro and Women’s lines, with the ability to accessorize from head to toe. Sublimation of the different panels makes for a unique design and style, that’s all your own. After choosing the line and pieces that best fit your team/club, our in house designers will use the logos and/or artwork to create all the pieces you’d like. While we do not charge for the basic design, a deposit must be made to begin the design process.

The Numbers

Time line from concept to delivery:

· Design time 1 – 2 weeks on average

· Fabric Proof 1 – 2 weeks (customer location dependent)

· Production is 4-6 weeks (seasonality dependent)

· Delivery up to 1 week (customer location dependent)

· Total time 6 – 11 weeks


· Minimum of 100 pieces combined total

· Minimum of 10 pieces per garment (multiple sizes)

· REORDER Minimum of 20 pieces combined total

· REORDER Minimum of 5 pieces per garment

Size Kits will be provided for a 2 week period with a UPS return label. An active credit card number will be required security for the size sample.

The order may be processed through the team centrally or through our TRU-KITS Team Store on our website. The team designs can be posted on a private page for 2 weeks to accept individual orders. With the use of the TRU-KITS Team Store, individual team member shipments are available with an additional fee. Centrally processed orders require a 50% deposit at time of order placement and the balance due when shipped.

Art mockups are provided with different options if requested. Design templates can be provided if you prefer to do your own design. All design work must be done in vector format. A fabric proof will be provided prior to placement of the production order.


Follow the link below to view the features of each line.

For Further Info and/or questions, call 1.866.274.6558 or email