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1. ARTWORK: Send us your logo or message of ideas you have for the custom item to
If you are a designer yourself, let us know and we can send you our templates!

2. MOCK UP: We will then design a digital mock up based on your description and/or artwork sent over.
Once the mock is how you'd like it, we continue with your knitted mask sample. Illustrations don't always translate exactly the same to the knitted product so this will help the approval process to finalize your design.

3. SAMPLE: We require a non-refundable $50 deposit to product the mask sample. This will be applied to the total invoice when you order the sampled style.
Any changes made after the initial sample will require another sample to be made, which is a non-refundable fee of $20.

4. PRODUCTION: With an approved sample and quantity - we go to production and you’ll have your custom masks within a couple of weeks!
A 50% deposit is required at this step to produce your creation. At the completion of your one-of-a-kind masks, you’ll be charged for the balance of your order + shipping (after all credits are applied).


- Materials: Eco-Solemax + Nylon blend
- Nylon: We have 65 different colors of nylon to create the custom portion of your mask: COLOR CHARTS (refer to 168 needle colors)
- Size: Approximately 7x4 inches (will shrink if dried in dryer)

- Custom masks have a minimum order of fourty 3-packs (120 total masks)
* We accept Mastercard or Visa

: 866-274-6558