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Save Our Soles is proud to be a manufacturer in the great state of Colorado, and we believe in taking care of the beautiful environment that we work and play in. We are constantly making strides to create less waste, use more environmentally-friendly materials in our processes, and partner with other companies and organizations that do the same. Here are a few of the major strides we’re taking to help the planet:


Performance is a top priority when choosing the materials to make our socks, but in many cases we’re able to make choices that are good for the environment as well. Here are some of the materials we’re using to knit, and how using them helps our natural playgrounds.

Merino Wool

One Merino sheep will produce enough yarn in one year to knit about 50 pairs of socks! We source our wool from Australia and New Zealand, where there are over 4 times the number of sheep as there are people.

Eco SoleMax

Invista, the pioneers of CoolMax, created this custom blend exclusively for Save Our Soles by recycling post-consumer plastic bottles to make a CoolMax material. Instead of ending up in landfills or the Pacific Ocean, SOS has made it possible for those used bottles to end up on your feet as you enjoy the outdoors.


All of our packaging is printed on recycled paper. We designed the shape specifically to minimize waste on a printed sheet, and we went further to ensure that you can open and reclose the package in the store – no ripping it apart just to check the socks out.

One Roof

We import the finest materials from all over the world, but the rest of the process – from concept to design to production – takes place under one roof in our facility in Colorado. No outsourcing, no wasted transportation.